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All work is guaranteed for a minimum of 2 years. Also we can handle interior water damage for you.

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“Tile Roofing Systems Were Designed With An Apparent Focus On Looks And Neglected Roof System Efficiency”

The use of incorrect materials resulted in roof leaks and wood damage.
Many issues could of being avoided, some of the current challenges were not forecasted, the good news is that there is  new roofing systems have solved these problems.

What Does It Take To Repair A Tile Roof?

A complete assessment of the roof and its components is a must.
We generate very easy to understand reports that include pictures to illustrate the problem, as well as the solution.

How Long Does A Tile Repair Last?

A repair must last as long as possible. We Guarantee our work for 2 years. Our repair materials are of high quality and designed to last a minimum of 20 years.

Common Problems We Have Found And Fixed

Broken Tiles
Slipped unsecured tiles
Clogged valleys
Wrong Sealant
Overexposed wood
Wrong installations
Flashings in bad conditions
Deteriorated underlayment and more.

How Much Does A Tile Repair Cost?

Prices can start at a few hundred dollars and end in a complete roof replacement, depending on the severity of the damages. An in-depth inspection is recommended to estimate the actual cost.
Other factors also influence the final price, like roof pitch and contractor availability.

Home Insurance Rarely Cover Tile Roof Repairs

We have been repairing tile roofs for over 20 years, and most of the time roofing repairs are not covered by homeowners insurance. If your insurance does cover these type of repairs, please let our team know so that we can generate a report in compliance with your insurance requirements.

Will My Repair Work Look Good?

We will do our absolute best to match your roof design and colors.
Note that some of the tiles, especially old ones, might be discontinued. When that is the case, we will show you the best possible solution.