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Clovis Roof Repair

We have more than 25 years of experience as Clovis roofers and can address any issue that you might have. We also represent the premier local solution for any roof storm damage you might experience. If a storm rolls through and harms your roof, you need the benefit of rapid repair service. The reason for this is simple, as a significant storm will leave your roof compromised and vulnerable to the next weather event. When storms inflict considerable damage, we also present a trusted resource for emergency roof repair.
Our roof repairing services include the following:
• Roof Inspection
• Roof Flashing Repair
• Roof Shingles Repair
• Tile Roof Repairs
• Roof Replacement
• Fascia Repair
• Roof Storm Damage Repair
• Tiles Repairs

Roof Installation

Every home is made of four primary walls, a strong foundation, and a reliable roof. The roof does not only shelter you, but it completes your home, and while living under it, you are trusting it with your lives. Everyone living under the one roof, you, your parents, your kids, and everyone is counting on the top to shelter you and keep you safe.

When it comes to a roof, you cannot compromise on the quality of the material used or anything else. It would be best if you always had everything perfect so your home can be the best and keep you safe, warm, and in good shape. Faulty material or faulty architecture can lead to some severe disasters and put everyone at risk.

Type or Roofs we install

  • Asphalt Shingles
  • Tile Roofs
  • Synthetic Composite
  • Slate Roofing
  • Flat Roofs
  • TPO Membranes
  • PVC Membranes


When repairs aren’t sufficient to fix your previous roofing system, it is time to get your home re-roofed. This ensures that your home is protected and proficient at guarding you against climatic adversities while making your home look beautiful.
Why Choose Grandmark as your Roofers in Clovis, CA?
Grandmark has been in the roofing business since 1996. That is beyond three decades of extensive experience, which you can harness to get your roof solutions designed according to your exact needs. Our experience has made us the ultimate pros in choosing the right materials, styles and providing superior craftsmanship to build your roofs that withstand climatic adversities with great endurance.

Roof Inspection

To determine if a roof is in good shape, Grandmark Energy recommends an in-depth roof inspection.
The inspection can show the roofing membrane’s current estate and how to ensure the roof will perform correctly and for how long. Our roof inspection reports come with video. There is no better way to help our customers understand what is going on with their roof and how to fix it when needed.
Grandmark Energy provides pricing to correct the problems within 24 hrs in most cases.

Roofing Permit Process

There are two ways to get a roofing permit in the planning department in Clovis, CA. A permit can be pulled as a homeowner or as a contractor. As a homeowner, you certify that you will perform the work yourself. Suppose the homeowner decides to hire someone to help. California law requires that the person providing employment comply with the employment laws. Workmen’s compensation insurance and payroll taxes are the most significant liabilities.
Contractors take all the liability and usually have all the required insurances to comply with the law.
A roofing permit must be issued on a roof when 50% of the roof needs to be replaced.

Gutter Systems

When replacing a roof or repairing a roof, it is the perfect time to update the gutter systems. Gutters are easier to install when the roof is removed, and it is evident where the attachment location will perform best.
Usually, installing a gutter on an existing roof causes roof damages. We have seen gutters installed lower than the channels need to be, causing water to cause dry rot to the fascia boards.

Roofing Suppliers Clovis

The following stores provide roofing materials. We recommend buying from these suppliers because they offer rooftop delivery. Loading a roof using a ladder is not just liability, but it is hazardous. Often these roofing suppliers will cost as much as stores without rooftop delivery.

Clovis, CA General Roofing Codes

  • Here are some of the essential items to comply with when installing a new roof. 

    • All projects above $500 and up will require a permit to be issued.
    • The project must comply with the energy code requirements of title 24
    • Roofs with slopes of 2/12 will need a double layer of roofing underlayments.
    • Roofers below 2/12 pitch require roll roofing systems.
    • Provide proper attic ventilation
    • Ensure appropriate clearance on items conducting heat
    • Ensure the roof is dry rot free. and nailed up to code
    • Make sure additional structures are permitted. 

Roofing Cost Clovis

This are the average roofing cost in Clovis, CA:

  1. Roof Removal & Disposal $1.50 per ft
  2. Plywood installation $2.00 per ft
  3. Roof installation $3.25 per ft
  4. Roofing material 30 years $1.75 per ft
  5. Roofing material 50 years $ 2.75per ft
  6. Premium shingle roof materials $3.00 – $7.00 per ft

Note that quality installers’ prices differ from one roofing company to another. 

Roof Maintenance

The Clovis area has very extreme weather.
It is recommended to have roof maintenance every two years.
Collected debris can cause roofing material deterioration and cause roof leaks.

having a professional Sacramento roofer check on your roof will ensure you prevent costly damages to your home or business. The roofing manufacturer require roof maintenance for them to endorse a warranty claim.

Why Us

Grandmark is among the most trusted Clovis roofers. We know how crucial a roof is when it comes to providing protection and taking care of you. However, since the roofs are easily the most overlooked part of a home, they tend to get damaged. But that shouldn’t happen, and you must regularly inspect your roof to avoid any significant damages and expensive repairs. You can also get your roof inspected by professionals free of charge from us. Keeping your roof maintained can help in safeguarding the integrity of your roof. If you leave it unattended, then be ready to face some severe damages. This is where Grandmark comes in. We are your go-to helpers that ensure to keep your home comfortable and safe always and forever. To learn more about our services, call us at (559) 287-7051 or fill our online form

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