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The Leading Roofing Solution Provider in Stockton, California
GrandMark Energy is Stockton, California’s leading service provider when it comes to residential or commercial roofing. We are the specialists of roof repairing as well as constructing new roofs. We are the full-service contractors whom you can completely rely on for superior roofing services and solutions. With the help of our expert team, we are equipped with the right knowledge and experience to deal with any level of roofing needs from residential roof repairs to commercial roof installations and much more.
Grandmark Energy: Your Go-to Roofers Stockton for the Ultimate New Roof Construction
The Grandmark Energy offers its ultimate new roof construction services in Stockton and its surrounding areas. We specialize in top-notch roof installations for both residential and commercial properties. Our professional and dedicated team understands how important a roofing system is for a home. Consequently, we create roofs that last for a lifetime with the guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied with our services.

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Grandmark Energy Roofer Services For Stockton , CA Residents

GrandMark Energy knows how important a properly installed roofing system is for any home and its inhabitants for guarding them against external elements. Through our years of service since 1996, we have been helping the home and business in Stockton with our extensive experience in the following new roofing solutions:

Asphalt Shingles
Bringing the most versatile roofing solution available in multiple color and style options, our Asphalt Shingles are not only enduring but also robust and fire-resistant.

Metal Roofing
We bring metal roofs in various styles from corrugated to standing seam to customized metal roofs in various colors that serve as the best roofing alternative.

Tile Roofs
Our Tiles roofs are long-lasting and stylish as they help you add the perfect look to your home while enhancing its longevity.


How Much Roof Replacement Cost?

In the central valley the price ranges between $3 to $6 per ft. on roofs that have composition, and $5 to $8 per ft. on roofs that currently have wood shakes.

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Stockton’s Top Roofing Contractors

A roof is bound to reach its life span’s end ultimately. When this time reaches, it becomes significant to replace your roof to keep your home and family safe and protected. Not getting your old roof replaced means that you are intentionally putting your household and family to the risk of being exposed to the dangers of elements as well as accidents. For that matter, you need to get your roof replaced or repaired by the best roofers Stockton. We bring you the full-service roofing care to restore your roof’s glory and keep you safe.
Our Expert Re roofing Services
Our re-roofing services include:

Roof Repairing
Our roof repairing services include the following:
• Roof Inspection
• Roof Flashing Repair
• Roof Shingles Repair
• Tile Roof Repairs
• Roof Replacement
• Fascia Repair
• Roof Storm Damage Repair
• Tiles Repairs
Re roofing
When repairs aren’t sufficient to fix your previous roofing system, it is time to get your home re-roofed. This ensures that your home is protected and proficient to guard you against climatic adversities while making your home look beautiful.
Why Choose Grandmark Energy as your Roofers Stockton?
Grandmark Energy has been in the roofing business since 1996. That is beyond three decades of extensive experience, which you can harness to get your roof solutions designed according to your exact needs. Our experience has made us the ultimate pros in choosing the right materials, styles, and providing superior craftsmanship to build your roofs that withstand climatic adversities with great endurance.
Here are some reasons to choose Grandmark Energy if you reside in Stockton:
You can Trust Us with your New Roofing!
We aim at bringing reliable roofing solutions and services in Stockton, California, to cultivate lifelong and trustworthy relationships with our clients. We always ensure to meet the safety standards of the industry to ensure that your family stays safe for years to come.

We know that a new roof isn’t what you need every other day, and hence we make sure to take you in confidence with our exceptional services so that you recommend us to your friends and family. Our customized fabrication services for roofing ensure that each roof is built according to specific property conditions and needs so that it brings the perfect roofing system to your home sweet home.
Quality Workmanship with Ultimate Integrity
GrandMark Energy has become the leading Roofers Stockton by providing top-notch roofing solutions to California for over three decades. We focus on providing exceptional customer experience by not just meeting but exceeding our customer’s expectations. Our team is available all the time to respond to the queries and concerns of our clients as soon as possible as we believe in treating our customers like family.

Over 30 Years of Roofing Experience

We are the specialists in the repair and replacement of roofing throughout Stockton, California. Learn more about our fast turnaround times as well as the super-simple insurance process for any emergencies.
• Roof repair work for metal, tile, and asphalt roofs
• Enhance your home value and protection with our new roofing solutions
• Fixing roof damages due to hail, storm, etc.
Timely and Guaranteed Roofing Services At Affordable Rates
We understand that roof damage can occur at any unexpected and inconvenient time. Also, the damage can pose hazards to the safety of your family. For that matter, roof repair calls for urgent attention. At Grandmark Energy, we prioritize the safety of our clients and schedule your repair ASAP to make your home safe.
Get a Free Inspection
You can always get a free inspection for your roofing needs from Grandmark Energy with no strings attached. Just share with us your needs and expectations, and we will come up with a smart roofing solution for you!

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Let us make your Home the Talk of Town!
Grandmark Energy is your go-to roofing solution provider in Stockton, California as we provide you with the long-lasting and exceptional roofs coupled with our expert services to make your home endure the adversities of changing weathers for years to come while making it look aesthetically pleasing. We inspect your roof thoroughly as well as take all the information from you about what you exactly want from your roof remodeling and then upgrade it to the picture-perfect version of your dreams. Our exceptional solutions are what you need to make your home the talk of the town!
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Grandmark Energy is among the most trusted roofing contractors in Stockton, California. We know how crucial a roof is when it comes to providing protection and taking care of you. However, since the roofs are easily the most overlooked part of a home, they tend to get damaged. But that shouldn’t happen, and you must inspect your roof regularly to avoid any major damages and expensive repairs. You can also get your roof inspected from the professionals absolutely free of charge from us. Keeping your roof maintained can help in safeguarding the integrity of your roof. If you leave it unattended, then be ready to face some serious damages. This is where Grandmark Energy comes in. We are your go-to helpers that ensure to keep your home comfortable and safe always and forever. To learn more about our services, call us at (866) 559-5670 or fill our online form.

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