Roof Installation

Roof Installation

Every home is made of the four basic walls, a strong foundation, and a reliable roof. The roof does not only shelter you, but it completes your home, and while living under it, you are trusting it with your lives. Everyone living under the one roof, you, your parents, your kids, and everyone is counting on the roof to provide you the shelter and keep you safe.


When it comes to a roof, you cannot compromise on the quality of the material used or anything else. You always need everything perfect so your home can be the best and keep you safe, warm, and in good shape. Faulty material or faulty architecture can lead to some serious disasters and put everyone at risk.

Choosing your roof will depend upon various factors, such as your geographical location, the kind of house you are building, your budget, etc. The roof installation can be for your old house where you need a re-installation of a roof or for the new home you are building.

When to get a new roof

In our experience of 24 years, we have noticed that people often don’t think about roof installation until it has not started leaking. They wait until something serious takes place and keep procrastinating until then.

Waiting for a long time until you start to see the creaks, or the leakage would cost you more and can lead to some serious damage. When you start noticing the leakages or the creaks, it is already very late, and the structural damage has been done.

It is important that you decide early and make a decision. Here are some of the things you can notice to know if it is time to get a new roof for your home.

  • Check for the leaks. You can go to the attic, especially after rain, and look for any moisture or any leakages. It is not important that the whole floor should be flooded, but just a little moisture can mean your roof needs some work.
  • Look in your gutters. Every time you clean your gutters, look for asphalt granules. If there are a lot of them, it means your asphalt granules are breaking down.
  • Notice the shingles. You can look at the shingles just from outside and see how they are aligned. If they are not straight anymore and you can see some irregularities, curled or misshapen shingles, it means your roof needs to be re-done. They direct all the snow and the rain to let it flow through the gutters, and if that’s not happening properly, your whole roof structure can be damaged soon.

If you are seeing any of these signs in your roof and are not sure whether it is time to get a new roof or get yours re-done or not, you can call us and get some professional assistance. We can take a look at it and guide you on what are the best possibilities available for you to get your roof in shape again.

Tearing off and relaying:

Once you have decided that you need to work on your roof, the second question is, what kind of work. Since we are always here to help our clients, it is still their decision about what they want to do with their home and their roofs.

The most basic options are getting the old roof stripped down or covering the old roof with a new shingles layer. The process of adding a new layer of shingles is also called reroofing, and not just the prices, but the quality of work can differ between both the techniques as well.

For a lot of people, it is preferred to get the whole roof stripped down, but there are also cases where just adding new shingles would work. If your roof has been completely destroyed or has many weak spots, or has been structurally damaged a lot, it will require to be stripped down completely. It is not possible to find different weak spots in the roof if this step is not taken.

But if your roof was not too severely damaged, then you can work with just re-roofing as well. This is why it is better to identify the problem in the beginning. The re-roofing can be a difficult task to complete, but it is less messy and costs less. On the other hand, the stripping down of the whole house roof would offer you a more detailed solution to your problems related to the roofing.

Our experts can guide you on this matter and help you in deciding which option is the best for you once they examine your home and your roof. You can then take your budget and the price of the work into consideration and decide what you would like done with your roof.

Why choose us?

We are experts and have worked with over 20,000 clients so far. We make sure all your needs are catered when you hire for a local roof installation company so you can have the best services. Here is how we work:

Customer is always right:

We live by the old traditional rule that our customer is right. While our experienced workers will be by your side to guide you all the time, all of the ultimate decisions will be made by you. Whether it is choosing the material for your roof, the kind of work you want, or anything else you want.

We help you in every step by considering your preferences and your needs. 

Low prices:

We provide the best prices at low prices so everyone can afford to get their roof re-done. Whether you are building a new home or just repairing the old one, the money is always a factor that you need to take care of.

We offer the best services at low prices and don’t compromise on the quality. The best roofing service at affordable prices.

Best team:

Inviting people to your home to work is not something easy. It requires a lot of trust and nobody likes a bunch of men just walking around the house with an attitude. Our team not only has the best attitude to their work but also with the clients.

You can trust our specialists to come into your house, complete your work, and leave without causing you any trouble.


With 24 years of experience at hand, our specialists take matters into their hands and help you at every step. You don’t have to worry about the quality of the work as they will finish the work efficiently without causing any mess. 

Neat and clean work

Neat and clean work is not just limited to the roof but is applied to your house as well. We understand that you have decorated your house the best way possible and have spent a lot, let alone on the rugs, the tiles or the carpets.

Our workers don’t create any mess in the house to cause you any trouble, and most of the mess is cleaned out by themselves. There is going to be no house cleaning after we are done and no pieces of iron or wood on the floor all around the house.

Preparing your house for roof installation:

When you are getting your roof installed, you have to get your house ready for effective work and the least mess to be created. Here are some of the things we prefer you take care of to avoid any problems later:

Mow your lawn:

Mowed lawn or shorter grass makes it easier to find any of the nails, staples, or anything else to be found easily. It happens too often that things just fall and are misplaced. Mowing the lawn would give a better view of everything to our workers, and they will be able to work more effectively.

Covering up items in the attic:

If you are getting your roof installed on the old house, there are some things stored in your attic. Cover them up with a plastic sheet or some tarp to keep them safe. It not only keeps the storage clean but also makes it easier to find any of the nails, shingles, etc., to be found easily if they get dropped in your attic.

Moving lawn furniture and plants:

Move your cars, your furniture, plants, and everything else valuable in your lawn to someplace safe. It is preferred to keep them as far away as possible to spare them any damage that might be done during the whole process.

Clean out your whole lawn, so there is nothing valuable lying around anymore.