Solar Panel Installs & More

Solar Panel Installation on a Home.

Solar Panel Installation Can Leave Any Home Self-Sufficient in Its Energy Needs.

The team at California Roofs and Solar is your professional source for all solar panel needs in Modesto, CA. We have one of the most comprehensive solar panel programs in the state of California, and we go above and beyond in service of our customers. We want this technology to spread everywhere, and so we do our utmost to provide affordable, comprehensive systems for full-fledged solar service. Our innovative approach relies on cutting edge technology to render systems that surpass the quality of any other solar panel installer. We also have available financing, so that solar panel installation no longer has to be out of reach.

We have such faith in the quality of our work, that we offer 35-year warranties on all solar photovoltaic components and parts. Whether you want a solar attic ventilation system, solar thermal system, residential EV chargers, or a full system comprised of the highest quality solar photovoltaic panels, we’re the team to choose for service. As an ecologically-minded company, we also help clients pursue other solutions for heightened energy efficiency, including spray foam insulation, vinyl windows, and more. Should you have any questions, we’d love to answer them, so give us a call today at 209-500-4271.

The Benefits of a Solar Panel Roof

The team at California Roofs and Solar can help you achieve anything you want with solar panels. If you want cheaper bills, or want to entirely extricate yourself from the grid, we can make it happen. The benefits of solar panels often far outstrip what most people expect. If you remain on the fence about the benefit of solar panels, consider the following.

Save Money: Solar panels work continually to generate electricity, and can function above and beyond your home’s needs throughout the sunny season. Once you begin to generate more electricity than you actually use, you can send the excess to your local utility company. The utility company will typically pay a credit towards your future energy usage.

Energy Independence: Energy independence means that you do not have to rely on a utility company to provide energy for your home. Instead, you can accomplish this yourself, and actually own your means of energy production.

Increased Property Value: It’s a fact that homes equipped with solar panels sell for more than those without. As a highly attractive selling point, your home will also sell faster, should you decide to put it on the market.

How Solar Panels Work

Inspector Reviewing a Solar Panel Installation.

Our Team Guarantees Its Service with Solar Panels.

Solar panels themselves are actually large conglomerations of many individual photovoltaic cells. These cells capture heat from the sun, and transform this heat into electricity via the separation of electrons from the cells’ silicon components. As these electrons are drawn to one side of the cell, they generate an electrical charge that can be collected and stored. The electricity remains unusable at this point, however, as it is direct current, rather than the alternating current needed for power. This necessitates the presence of an inverter, which converts the DC power into an alternating current. From there, the inverter connects directly to a dedicated circuit breaker, where it provides energy for the home.

Elements of a Solar Panel System

Solar panels rely on many different elements to supply energy to a home. At California Roofs and Solar, we provide for the efficient, expert installation and repair of all solar panel components, including the roof system itself.

  • Roof System
  • Solar Panels
  • Solar Array Mounting Racks
  • Array DC Disconnect
  • Inverter
  • Battery Pack
  • Net Meter
  • Backup Generator
  • Breaker Panel
  • Charge Controller

Solar Panel Installation Service

Solar Panel Installation on Two Homes.

A Homeowner Can Receive Energy Credits for Electricity Generated in Excess of Their Needs.

At California Roofs and Solar, we have over 20 years experience with both residential solar panel installation, and also commercial solar panel installation. As expert roofers, we perform installations that preserve the integrity of your roofing system, regardless of the type of material you have. We have our own in-house electrical installers, and can perform the job from start to finish without the need for subcontractors. It’s extremely rare to find this combination of skills in a full-service solar panel provider, and we proudly invest every element of our expertise into any job we accept.

If you’ve decided to spring for solar panels, you can also count on us to design an ideally-sized system for your home and needs. We even offer full financing to offset the cost of this service. We require no down payment, and offer highly competitive rates. Most importantly, we have a peace of mind guarantee. You can rest assured that, when you trust us for solar panel installation, you’ll receive a system that functions brilliantly. Not only that, but you can rest easy in the knowledge that we’re always here should any problems or repair needs arise.

Local Source for Residential Solar Panels

At California Roofs and Solar, we take a great deal of pride in our service with solar panels. We believe not only in the possibility of extensive financial savings, but also in these devices’ abilities to render a positive impact on the environment. If you are interested in ways to save money, raise your property value, and drastically reduce your carbon footprint, reach out to our team today at 209-500-4271. When it comes to solar panel installation in Modesto, CA, California Roofs and Solar represents the clear leader.