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At California Roofs and Solar, we’ve worked hard over the past 20+ years to develop our reputation as the go-to source for commercial roof repair in Modesto, CA. A commercial roof represents a serious investment. In order to receive the most value for your hard-earned dollars, you must take care of these systems with periodic maintenance and repairs. Despite their general durability, commercial roofs will eventually develop repair needs. Should you ever notice tears, punctures, ponding, or just the appearance of general wear, call us quickly to arrange for service. Commercial roofs left damaged will generally begin to decay, and will quickly reach the point where roof replacement represents your only option.

While obvious repair needs merit immediate attention, unseen repairs are equally important to resolve. Since only an expert eye can detect all the problems with a commercial roof, we recommend periodic inspections to ensure the continued health of your system. A commercial roof that receives the benefit of regular, expert repairs will provide you with decades of dependable service. As your structure’s shield against sun, wind, rain, and hail, a commercial roof provides an invaluable function. If your structure exists in an industrial area, you’ll want to stay even more alert for damage from smog and airborne chemicals. Regardless of the threat or nature of the damage, California Roofs and Solar has the tools and personnel to set things right. To schedule an inspection or repairs, or to simply ask questions, give us a call at 209-500-4271 today.

Expert Commercial Flat Roof Repair

A Roofer Inspecting a Roof for Any Commercial Roof Repair Needs.

Regular Inspections Can Highlight Any Needs for Repair.

Commercial flat roof repair can quickly outclass the skill of an inexperienced roofer. Commercial roof repair differs a great deal from residential roof repair. The nature of the roofing materials provides one reason for this. Commercial roofing materials differ greatly from residential materials like 3-tab shingles and clay tiles. These materials are manufactured to cover large expanses of roofing, and most come in large rolls or panels. Some require the use of special adhesives that require a skilled touch to correctly apply. Others require flame-welding to properly seal the seams. At California Roofs and Solar, we’ve become experts on the various repair methods suited for commercial roofs. When you trust us with a job, you can rest assured of work that restores your roof to prime condition.

Signs You Need Commercial Roof Repair

You can discover the need for commercial roof repair if you pay attention to a few different indicators. In order to notice them, however you need to have your roof inspected on a regular basis. The team at California Roofs and Solar makes it easy to complete this periodic requirement. Common signs that your roof needs repair include:

  • Water Penetration
  • Higher Utility Bills
  • Sagging Areas or Ponding Water
  • Surface Bubbles
  • Seam Gaps
  • Deteriorated Flashing

Water Penetration: Water is the greatest danger to any roof. If water has begun to penetrate your roofing system, it will deteriorate the underlayment, encourage the growth of mold, and, if the problem grows large enough, threaten your building’s structural stability. Unfortunately, leaks are typically not obvious. Signs you have a leak include elevated humidity within your structure, stains on walls and ceiling, mold, and the infestation of pests and insects.

Higher Utility Bills: Most modern commercial roofing materials come with some form of treatment to repel UV radiation. Metal roofing, for example, typically has a shine that acts to divert radiation away from your structure, reduce the workload on your HVAC, and lower your utility bills. Higher utility bills can thus indicate the need for metal roof repair, as reflectivity stands as an important feature.

Sagging Areas: Sagging areas across a commercial roof indicate that the roof’s structural support elements were improperly constructed, or have become compromised through water intrusion or some other form of damage. Sagging is a particularly dangerous problem, as it encourages ponding water. Ponding occurs when water fails to drain properly, and instead collects in a sagged area. The water will typically worsen the sag, decay any roofing seams, and encourage the growth of mold.

A Patch of Roofing Desperately in Need of Commercial Roof Repair.

Obvious Damage Will Worsen Quickly if Not Repaired.

Surface Bubbles: If you have a single ply membrane roof, keep aware for surface bubbles. These occur when water works its way beneath the membrane and gets trapped. Bubbles are a typical indicator of the need for EPDM roof repair. Since most EPDM or rubber roofing is installed with adhesives, rubber roof repair becomes an immediate need. The presence of bubbles indicate an area that has fully separated from the underlayment.

Seam Gaps: Separated seams are another common reason for commercial roof repair. Seams can separate for a number of reasons, including old age, failure to resist changing temperatures, or the incursion of water. Seam gaps can illustrate the need for TPO roof repair, or service on a related material.

Deteriorated Flashing: A roof’s flashing protects its most vulnerable areas: the seams and valleys created through rooftop protrusions and the meeting points of various sections. If your roof still has older tar or asphalt flashing, you should have it replaced. Even newer metal flashing will eventually deteriorate, so stay aware for any instances of rust or other damage.

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Whether you need EPDM roof repair, TPO roof repair, or any kind of flat roof repair, California Roofs and Solar is the local expert to trust. We can even provide for metal roof repair, and know how to leave these materials primed for years of additional service. As the local experts for commercial roof repair in Modesto, CA, we have the benefit of many years experience, proper tools, and skilled technicians. To learn more about our company or set up a time for service, give us a call today at 209-500-4271.