Attic Insulation Installs

Technician Engaged with Attic Insulation Installation.

Attic Insulation Installation Can Save a Lot of Money on Energy Costs.

If you have an accessible attic, you likely only consider it as storage space. While attics are certainly useful in this regard, the role they play for a home is much more important than commonly assumed. Attics exist to provide a barrier between your living areas and the outside world. An attic helps mitigate the influence of extreme temperatures to leave your home a more comfortable place. It also reduces high humidity in areas where this is a problem, and therefore also helps prevent the growth of mold. In order to fulfill these roles, however, an attic needs proper insulation. California Roofs and Solar represents the premier local choice for attic insulation installation.

For an important improvement to your home's energy retention, make sure that you have adequate attic insulation installed. We highly recommend either blown-in insulation, or spray foam. We've found that most homes have inadequate insulation om their attics. Energy becomes lost, energy bills rise, carbon footprints expand, and the overall comfort of a home is negatively impacted. For a solution, consider attic insulation installation in Modesto, CA. To learn more, call California Roofs and Solar at 209-500-4271 today.

Attic Insulation Contractors

Many homeowners fail to realize that insulation has a limited lifespan. Like any other home component, it can exist vulnerable to different hazards. For example, moisture can spell doom for some types of insulation. Mold can also grow on insulation, and pests can damage it beyond repair and functionality. Before we begin attic insulation installation, we always perform a review of your existing insulation. If it is simply insufficient, but in otherwise good repair, we can install new installation directly on top. If it has been damaged or compromised in any way, however, we will need to remove it.

Attic Insulation Types

The team at California Roofs and Solar specializes in two types of insulation. Blown in insulation installs very quickly, and offers good service at an economical price. Spray foam can provide superior service and benefits, but costs a good deal more. If you’re having difficulty deciding which is ideal for your home, you can trust in the professional advice of our skilled technicians. We can easily analyze the structure of your attic to determine the best course of action to achieve your targeted R-value. Regardless of the type you choose, you can expect a range of positive benefits that include the following.

  • Lower Utility Bills: Attic insulation will improve your home’s efficiency to reduce energy bills by 15 to 20 percent.
  • Structural Protection: Attic insulation can greatly diminish the effects of moisture that can contribute to a home’s decline. Spray foam insulation, in particular, prevents the entry of water vapor that can gradually rot your walls and roof.
  • Improve Air Quality: If you suffer from the seasonal effects of allergens, proper attic insulation will make your home’s air easier to breathe. It accomplishes this through sealing the air leaks that allow for the entry of outdoor pollutants.
  •  Preserve Your HVAC: Under-insulated attics can lead to indoor temperature fluctuations. This makes your HVAC work harder and reduces its overall lifespan.

In addition to these benefits, each type of our recommended insulation has its own advantages.

The Benefits of Blown In Attic Insulation

Blown in insulation provides a fast, affordable solution for an under-insulated attic. Unlike typical rolled batt insulation, blown in insulation can fill tiny cracks and crevices for a more comprehensive seal. This serves to increase your home’s energy efficiency by a larger factor than that achieved through standard fiberglass batt. Blown in installation’s seal also acts as an effective sound barrier. As for installation, blown in insulation installs faster than any other type. Through the use of specialized equipment, we can create a seamless and dependable attic insulation system in no time at all.

The Benefits of Spray Foam Attic Insulation

Technician Performing Attic Insulation Installation with Spray Foam.

Spray Foam Insulation Installs to Create an Airtight Seal.

All things considered, spray foam outperforms every other variety of insulation, including blown in. There exist two types of spray foam insulation, open cell and closed cell. While the more affordable open cell has excellent soundproofing properties, closed cell spray foam insulation sits at the pinnacle of achievement for an insulated attic. Spray foam creates an airtight seal that’s virtually impenetrable. This gives it an R-6 ranking, the highest among every type of insulation materials.

In terms of energy efficiency, spray foam is leagues ahead of other insulation choices. As a matter of fact, while average insulation cuts energy bills by 20 percent or so, spray foam generates an incredible 50 percent savings. What’s more, the airtight seal is 24 times more effective than other insulation at stopping the escape of air. Another major benefit is spray foam’s resistance to water. While other types of insulation are vulnerable to moisture and mold, spray foam is decidedly waterproof.

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The team at California Roofs and Solar stands ready to fulfill all needs for attic insulation installation in Modesto, CA. We’ve found that, oftentimes, homeowners will incorrectly assume that their current attic insulation provides acceptable service. In reality, if many years have passed since its installation, you will need to refresh your insulation with new material. Instead of choosing subpar rolled batt insulation, go for blown in or spray foam. Your wallet will thank you for the energy savings, and your home will become a generally more comfortable place. To learn more or schedule service, reach out to us today at 209-500-4271.