Air Conditioning Repair & Installation

Technician Performing Air Conditioning Repair on a Ceiling-Mounted Unit.

In Addition to Our Work as Roofers, We Provide Stellar Air Conditioning Repair.

In addition to our work as residential and commercial roofers, we can provide a total service solution for your home’s air conditioner. Most households equipped with central air conditioning rely upon its function a great deal. After all, once you’ve gotten used to cool, comfortable temperatures in the thick of July, it’s hard to go back to a world populated solely with open windows and ceiling fans. Because of this, when the need for air conditioning repair arises, you want a service solution as fast as humanly possible. California Roofs and Solar offers this, along with the assurance of quality work that will leave your air conditioner in even better shape than before the repair need.

Everyone should feel comfort and ease in their own homes. If you are in need of central air conditioning repair, however, you may find yourself less comfortable, and more annoyed. Furthermore, across the hottest times of the year, AC repair becomes less of an option, and more of a requirement. Since air conditioners work hardest on the hottest days, this means they also tend to break down when needed the most. At California Roofs and Solar, we recognize this, which is why we promise expedience in regards to air conditioning repair in Modesto, CA. To learn more or schedule service, don’t hesitate to call us today at 209-500-4271.

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Air Conditioning Service and Repair

Our expert technicians can accomplish virtually any air conditioning repair need, whether it means simple cleaning and adjustments, the replacement of a part, or the complete overhaul of the entire system. We also keep our appointments, arrive fully prepared for any contingency, and never leave a job unfinished. Should you require emergency services, we’re prepared to answer the call for aid at any hour. We understand that the need for air conditioning repair does not respect regular business hours. Rather than swelter through the night, over the weekend, or during a holiday, pick up the phone and call California Roofs and Solar.

Our AC Repair Services

Repairman Performing Air Conditioning Repair on an Outdoor Unit.

We Can Provide Comprehensive Service for Any AC Issue.

Our air conditioning repair services cover the spectrum of all possible needs. As a full-fledged HVAC repair company, we can diagnose your issue, pursue the proper repairs, and order and install new parts. In the event that you need an entirely new system, we can also perform installations. We furthermore believe in the durability of quality air conditioners, and will never recommend replacement unless absolutely necessary. Across our years in this business, we have encountered a few repair issues that frequently appear as the cause of trouble.

Refrigerant Leaks: If your air conditioner seems to have stopped cooling, you may have a refrigerant leak. Your AC’s refrigerant accomplishes the actual job of extracting heat from your home’s air. The refrigerant also exists within a closed system, where it is recycled and reused indefinitely. An air conditioner should only rarely need a refrigerant refill, so if your blower has begun to emit lukewarm air, you probably have a leak. If you notice this issue, make sure to call for immediate professional help. Exposure to refrigerant comes with health hazards, and you never want to attempt this fix on your own.

Fan Issues: An air conditioner requires the function of two separate fan. One of them, the blower fan, is responsible for the actual circulation of cool air throughout your home. If it breaks down, then your air conditioner will simply not work. The condenser fan can also contribute to its own share of problems. This fan exists to both prevent your system from overheating, and also help with the extraction of warm air. A broken condenser fan requires immediate service, as it can contribute to the overall failure of your system. Common issues with both fans include worn or broken belts, bent or loose fan blades, and motor problems.

Compressor Trouble: These devices serve as the heart of your air conditioner, and can develop distinct repair needs. The compressor makes sure that your refrigerant can release heat it collected from inside your home. Since the compressor is highly complex and contains refrigerant, you should never attempt to repair it on your own. Instead, you'll want to make sure you call our highly qualified team for help.

Signs You Need Home AC Repair

Technician Attempting to Detect a Leak as Part of Air Conditioning Repair.

If You Suspect a Refrigerant Leak, Call Us for Immediate Service.

In order to ensure the long-term health of your air conditioner, you must remain aware of various repair needs. If you pay attention to these and procure timely repairs, you can rest assured of the long-term health of your system.

  • Odd Sounds
  • Reduced Airflow
  • Warm or Hot Air
  • Moisture or Leaks
  • Unpleasant Odors

Unusual sounds can represent the first indicator of serious problems. Squeaks, bangs, or screeches can indicate slipped belts, parts in need of lubrication, loose or broken bearings, or any number of other issues. Reduced airflow can showcase the need for fan repair or duct cleaning, or may simply indicate a clogged filter. Warm or hot air serves as a symptom of any number of issues, including major problems like the need for capacitor or refrigerant leak repair. Any type of moisture issues deserve immediate attention. If water, then you likely have a clogged condensation line. If it’s not water, then you have a refrigerant leak, a serious issue that necessitates immediate professional service. As for odors, they usually indicate a problem with your ductwork, or the growth of bacteria on one of your coils.

Local Air Conditioning Repair Service

The team at California Roofs and Solar stands ready to address all your needs for air conditioning repair in Modesto, CA. Our technicians have years of experience with just about any problem that can develop with an air conditioner. The next time your unit needs maintenance or repair, reach out to our team at 209-500-4271. We can promise expedient service, effective work, and stellar customer service.