Window Replacement

A Selection of Windows to Illustrate Home Window Replacement.

Home Window Replacement Can Benefit Both Your Energy Bill and Curb Appeal.

Windows form an irreplaceable part of your home’s construction, and fulfill many roles. Their provision of natural light allows a homeowner to save money on electric bills. Quality vinyl windows help your home retain warm air in the winter, and in the summer, open to allow for circulating air and less reliance on your AC. Windows must also provide security, and shut and lock tightly. Of course, the aesthetic impact of windows is also highly significant. Homes with many front-facing windows simply appear more spacious and inviting. At California Roofs and Solar, we understand the importance of quality windows, and offer premier home window replacement services for our esteemed clientele.

California Roofs and Solar offers quality vinyl windows with expert installation and an emphasis on customer service. We encourage all of our customers with single-pane windows to consider the double-pane alternative. HVACs consume a great deal of energy, 30 percent of which can escape through single-pane windows. Old windows will also likely allow for the entry of harmful UV radiation. Aside from its impact on people, UV rays will cause upholstered furniture to fade, and can damage any exposed wooden elements, fragile objects, documents, or musical instruments. If you think you may benefit from home window replacement in Fresno, CA, you’ve come to the right place. Give us a call today at 866-722-5887.

Home Window Replacement

If you choose to have new windows installed by our team, you can count on many advantages. Since we offer a variety of styles, we can help you choose the ideal set for your budget and home. Naturally, any type of windows installed by our team will benefit from exceptional quality. These windows will provide any home with a range of standard benefits that includes:

  • Insulated Frames
  • Low Maintenance Requirements
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Improved Curb Appeal

Low quality windows often feature cheap glass that acts like a sieve for air. Our windows are constructed of quality materials, and have insulated frames to support the comfort of your home. New vinyl windows from California Roofs and Solar also have few maintenance requirements. The frames will not fade from the sun, and spare you the periodic chore of painting. As for energy efficiency, our windows help keep your home cool in the summer, and warm in the winter. This reduces your HVAC’s workload, a benefit that can extend that system’s life and lower the frequency of repairs.

As for curb appeal, old, cracked, or warped windows will draw the wrong kind of attention, and make your house appear shabby and ill-maintained. New windows, on the other hand, if installed comprehensively, will make your home positively sparkle. Many of our windows also feature Low-e glass. These windows feature an interior mixture of inert gas that almost completely eliminates the transfer of heat. Another available feature is a tilt-in sash, which allows for the easy cleaning of windows, inside and out.

Types of Replacement Windows

At California Roofs and Solar, we’re proud to provide a wide selection of replacement windows. There exist a large number of window types, though many of them are fairly uncommon. To check whether we service your preferred type of windows, simply give us a call at 866-722-5887. Though we provide work for all standard types of windows, the most frequently encountered are the single and double hung varieties.

Home Window Replacement Brought Great Benefits to this Kitchen.

New Windows Can Beautify a Home Inside and Out.

Single Hung Replacement Windows: Single hung windows are the most common type employed by builders all over the country. The term “single hung” refers to the fact that only one part of these windows moves, the lower sash. If you need economical windows or appreciate a simple, traditional look, these represent a great choice.

Double Hung Replacement Windows: These windows appear identical to single hung windows. The only difference centers on sash movement: with double hung windows, you can open both the upper and lower sashes. Opening both allows for greater airflow, and also supports easier cleaning without the need to go outside.

Signs You Need Replacement Windows

Aside from obvious indicators like cracked or shattered panes, there exist a few other signs that the time has come for replacement windows. The next time you have a chance, take a stroll around your home with an eye for the following.

Drafts: You should never feel a draft from a window. Though seemingly minor, this constant infusion of outside air will throw off your thermostat and force your HVAC to work harder.

Condensation Between the Panes: If you ever see condensation forming between your window panes, then your window’s seals have failed. These will severely compromise a window, and creates a need for immediate replacement.

Hard to Open or Close: This usually indicates windows that have gotten old. Difficult to operate windows may also have problems with rust or rot.

Lots of Sound Infiltration: Your windows should filter sound fairly well. If you suddenly start hearing street noises loud and clear inside your home, then the windows are no longer properly sealed or insulated.

Contact Us Today for Service

If you notice any of the above problems, or simply want new vinyl windows for aesthetic or budgetary reasons, reach out to California Roofs and Solar today. We’re the number one source for home window replacement in Fresno, CA, and we stand ready to serve. To begin, simply give us a call at 866-722-5887.