Commercial Roof Repair

Many Equipment Installations on This Commercial Roof Has Created the Need for Commercial Roof Repair.

The Presence of Equipment Can Create Frequent Commercial Roof Repair Needs.

The team at California Roofs and Solar stands ready to serve all the roofing needs of commercial structure owners. Commercial roofing can present complex problems that inexperienced roofers simply can’t handle. Our team has over 20 years experience in the resolution of roofing problems. When your commercial roof becomes threatened through ponding, leaks, punctures, or any other hazard, you need fast commercial roof repair to prevent the appearance of even more expensive problems. You also, in all likelihood, spent a lot of money on your roof. To realize the full value of this investment, make sure to resolve repair needs as they appear.

Some of the hazards that commercial roofs face include airborne chemicals and smog, punctures from hail or windblown debris, degradation from UV radiation, and wear from foot traffic. Flat commercial roofs also are threatened from poor drainage and ponding. Ponding actually represents one of the worst types of problems, as the weight of the standing water will exacerbate the sag in your roof, while the water itself will steadily wear away seams to create leaks. For a fast solution for commercial roof repair in Fresno, CA, reach out to our team today at 866-722-5887. All of the experience and skill we bring to our residential roofing jobs also comes into play for commercial structures, so don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Local Experts for Commercial Roof Repair

Single Ply Membrane With Commercial Roof Repair Needs.

Single Ply Membranes Are Vulnerable to Surface Damage and Ponding.

Our team can handle any variety of commercial roof repair whatsoever. From degraded flashing, to the total replacement of a roof, we've done it all. The team at California Roofs and Solar can address any problems whatsoever with your roofing. Some typical repair needs we encounter on a regular basis include:

Deteriorated Flashing: Commercial roofs have flashing to  protect the vulnerable seams created from the protrusion of pipes and vents through a roof. Since most commercial structures have these protrusions in abundance, flashing plays an important role. Almost all commercial roof leaks come from flashing that has come loose or eroded.

Wind Uplift: High winds can cause differences to develop between the air pressure above and beneath the roof. This leads to a phenomenon called wind uplift, in which the roofing membrane can suffer a great deal of damage. The chances of this occurring become much higher if seams did not receive the benefit of proper sealing.

Standing Water: Standing water can occur for a number of reasons. The roof may not have been pitched properly, or the drainage system not well implemented. The roof could also have a sagging area, due either to improper design or the degradation of the roof’s support structure. Regardless of the cause, standing water presents an immediate repair need, as the water will gradually deteriorate your roofing materials. Standing water also creates the potential for serious leaks.

Punctures and Other Surface Damage: Single ply membranes, in particular, are vulnerable to damage from punctures and scrapes. These can occur from windblown debris and hail, and also from the inattentiveness of contractors hired to install new rooftop equipment. As a matter of fact, any kind of foot traffic can damage a roof, especially single ply membrane and spray foam systems.

Types of Commercial Roof Repair We Offer

At California Roofs and Solar, we specialize in the repair of the most common commercial roofing materials, including:

  • Metal Roof Repair
  • TPO Roof Repair
  • EPDM and Rubber Roof Repair

We have a great deal of experience with each of these materials, understand their repair needs, and can leave them stronger than ever before. If you have a commercial roof made from metal or a single ply membrane, pay attention to its repair needs, and give us a call should you encounter a problem.

Roofer Patching a Section of Bitumen Roofing Material for a Commercial Roof Repair.

Most Commercial Roof Repairs Require the Simple Patching of the Damaged Area.

Metal Roof Repair: Thought highly durable, metal roofs can suffer from a variety of repair needs. Punctures can occur, for example, that require the replacement of a damaged panel. Problems with the fasteners create another type of repair need. If fasteners are too short, angled, or uplifted, they need replacement, as they cannot properly hold down their panel. Another common problem we see is when inexperienced contractors use fasteners made from a different metal than the roof. This creates a problem called electrolysis, in which the different metals react and begin to corrode.

Single Ply Membrane Repair: Single ply membranes are easily punctured, one of the few drawbacks of these materials. These punctures allow for the entry of water that can decay your underlayment and create leaks inside of your structure. UV radiation from the sun is another threat that leads to a common form of damage. UV rays that beat down upon your roof will gradually deteriorate the seams, leaving the roof vulnerable to leaks. Single ply membranes, especially on flat roofs, can also develop sagged areas. This leads to problems with ponding, a phenomenon that occurs when water fails to drain, and instead begins to gather in a certain area.

Local Source for Flat Roof Repair

The team at California Roofs and Solar presents you with a local solution for flat roof repair. We have experience with all types of common flat roof repair needs, and can offer fast, affordable solutions. When we are hired for a repair job, we arrive in a timely manner, equipped for any contingency. We will never leave a job unfinished, and work hard to go above and beyond any expectations. For any need with commercial roof repair in Fresno, CA, give our team a call today at 866-722-5887.