County Programs for Roof Financing

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We Can Help Just About Anyone Receive the Roof Financing They Need.

It’s no secret that roofs are expensive. When the unexpected happens, such as serious damage from a passing storm, you need to have repairs or replacement performed immediately. This can create an enormous financial burden, as most people do not have thousands of dollars in readily available liquid assets. At California Roofs and Solar, we understand this, and readily offer affordable roof financing options for our clients. We also strive to educate potential clients about the existence of county programs to aid in homeowners’ roofing needs.

County and city programs for roofing assistance have no credit requirements, and often include a free energy audit. The reason these programs exist, aside from their role in helping local homeowners, is to encourage the adoption of energy efficient roofing. Call our team today at 866-722-5887 if you need financing for an existing problem on your roof, or simply want take advantage of these programs' beneficial terms. At California Roofs and Solar, we make sure that our clients can get the roofing work they need, and we stand as the local leaders for roof financing in Central California, CA.

Your City Will Help Repair Your Roof

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Financing Can Help You Get the Roof Repair or Replacement You Need Today.

If you are in need of a new roof or extensive repairs, we invite you to explore roof financing options from your city and county. Many homeowners do not know of the existence of these programs, and so struggle with high interest loan payments, or simply endure the compromised state of their roofing. When it comes to roof repairs, however, time is of the essence. The longer you wait, the worse the situation will become, to the point that your roof will eventually fail entirely.

To avoid this situation, take advantage of available city and county financing programs. Here’s how they work:

  • Your city works with private lenders to arrange simple, low-interest financing for qualified homeowners.
  • Ninety percent of homeowners qualify for this service.
  • The new roof must result in significant energy savings. These savings help offset the cost of the project.
  • Typically, the “smart roofs” installed through this program result in savings of 15 to 25 percent off your energy bill.
  • Repayment occurs through an addition to your tax bill. You may make payments either annually, or bi-annually.

Simple, Affordable Roof Financing

To learn whether this program represents a good fit for you and your circumstances, reach out to the team at California Roofs and Solar today at 866-722-5887. Our experts can provide in-depth analysis of your financing options to determine the best way for you to get the roofing work you need. The next time you need roofing work, don’t delay the project or struggle unduly to pay. Instead, contact our team for roof financing in Central California.