About Our Team

Professional Roofers Did an Excellent Job on the Roof of an Attractive Home.

We’re the Local Professional Roofers of Choice for Fresno and Surrounding Areas.

The team at California Roofs and Solar is your local solution for energy efficiency in solar panels and roofing. We've faithfully served over 5,000 clients over more than 20 years in business. We owe all of our success to this community, and we feel grateful. In thanks, we make sure to stand by every commitment we make, whether it's an appointment or project completion, and always maintain the highest standards of excellence.

As professional roofers for Central California, we offer a level of service you simply cannot find elsewhere. As solar panel and energy efficiency specialists, we can create residential and commercial systems that achieve total energy independence. To learn more about our company or services, we invite you to call 866-722-5887 anytime you like.

What Sets Us Apart

We know that you have a lot of options among roofing contractors. Despite the variety of choices, one company of professional roofers stands head and shoulders above the rest. At California Roofs and Solar, a few distinct qualities set us apart.

Emphasis on Energy Efficiency: We place a major emphasis on the improvement of a home or business’s energy efficiency. Our roofing practices reflect this, as does our expertise with the design and installation of solar panel systems. Furthermore, we offer a range of additional services, all of which improve your home’s comfort while lessening its carbon footprint. These include attic insulation, window replacement, and HVAC services.

Cutting Edge Technology: We take our work seriously, especially when it comes to energy efficiency improvements. Whenever new technology appears, we incorporate it into our services. Bottom line, you can always count on cutting-edge technology and techniques when you work with California Roofs and Solar.

Professional Roofers at Work Installing Solar Panels.

We’re the Regional Leader for Solar Panel Installation.

More Than 20 Years Experience: We served as professional roofers for the region around Central California for over 20 years. We’ve developed close familiarity with how to install roofs, windows, and solar panels perfectly suited for the local climate. We also have a long track record of success that you can easily verify thanks to local reviews. Regardless of the work you need, you’re in good hands with California Roofs and Solar.

Clean Energy: No other roofing company has a level of expertise with solar panels comparable to ours. We can outfit any home or business with an optimized solar panel system for comprehensively clean energy. If you want total energy independence, we can make it happen.

Trusted by Your Neighbors: Thanks to the thousands of locals we’ve faithfully served, we’ve become the top roofing and solar panel company in the region. We’ve received a lot of support from this community. Everyday, we strive to repay this through reliability, hard work, and the expertise to finish every project on the first attempt.

Your Local Professional Roofers

When you work with California Roofs and Solar, 100 percent satisfaction is guaranteed. We place a huge emphasis on customer service, and will never consider a job finished until we have exceed every possible expectation. For the top-tier solar panel specialists and professional roofers in Central California, choose California Roofs and Solar. If you have any questions or would like to schedule service, give us a call today at 866-722-5887.